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Perkins + Will Proposal

In my role, I undertook the comprehensive design of a 200+ page proposal for a Kaiser Permanente hospital. With meticulous attention to detail, I curated a series of sample pages that encapsulated the essence of the proposal while adhering to Perkins + Will guidelines and objectives. Through strategic layout design, typography selection, and visual hierarchy, I ensured clarity, readability, and professionalism throughout the document. These sample pages serve as a testament to my ability to distill complex information into visually compelling and impactful presentations, ultimately contributing to the success of the proposal.

Perkins + Will Proposal cover and dividers_Page_02.jpg
Perkins + Will Proposal cover and dividers_Page_06.jpg
11.22.16_Kaiser Watts Learning & Health Pavilion_RFP_DRAFT_4.1v2_Page_34.jpg
11.22.16_Kaiser Watts Learning & Health Pavilion_RFP_DRAFT_4.1v2_Page_32.jpg
Perkins + Will Proposal cover and dividers_Page_03.jpg
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